November 23, 2011

Things are Rough All Over

Denver Post, front page: U.S. Postal Service parceling its work to fewer carriers

Since 2008, the corps of letter carriers in Denver has shrunk 22 percent, to 1,050.

That means 300 fewer carriers are delivering mail to the same number of stops: 489,000 homes and businesses.

Things might soon get a lot more hectic in Denver.

Is that last line really in a straight-news story? "This town seems to be going to pot these days."

Let's see, 489,000 homes and businesses served by 1050 letter carriers averages to 466 addresses per carrier. In 1979 my brother and I delivered over 500 newspapers each morning in about 2 hours. Okay, that's 4 man-hours and we delivered the same thing to each address, launched from a moving vehicle on the street. Even so, we were kids! This doesn't seem so much greater a burden. And we certainly didn't get paid as much, nor were we awarded a defined benefit pension plan.

The World According to DP Posted by JohnGalt at November 23, 2011 2:35 PM
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