August 23, 2011

Stir it Up!

I've perhaps mentioned, once or twice, that while my ThreeSources friends are perhaps, slightly right-of-center, my Facebook friends are decidedly left. I've acclimated pretty well.

Twitter, however, is rather mixed. I have quite a bit of politics, leaning heavily right, and several entertainers, music stores, and musicians, (dirty hippies all) leaning left.

Buzzing down my feed I was not prepared for "Yes! We need a 30yr plan for a better food system." I assumed it was a joke from some wingnut I follow, but no, it is on the level, RT'ed by Michelle Branch. There are several ideas to combat childhood obesity at the link, but I have to pick one to excerpt, and I choose:

Savor Mealtimes: Emphasizing the importance of mealtimes teaches children to appreciate the value and taste of good food. France, which has one of the lowest rates of childhood obesity in Europe, takes lunch very seriously. School lunches are well funded, and every part of the meal is prepared on school grounds in professional-grade kitchens--a stark contrast to the heat-and-serve kitchens in U.S. schools. Kids from preschool to high school are served four- to five-course meals and are encouraged to take time eating and socializing with friends. At some schools, detailed menus even suggest what parents should serve their children for dinner. Soft drink and snack machines are banned from school premises.

Mon Dieu!

Education Posted by John Kranz at August 23, 2011 5:15 PM
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