May 28, 2011

Drop Everything and Buy This Book

Last time I recommended a book before completing it, it did not end well. Yet, I have a lot more confidence here.

I saw Don Luskin on Kudlow and decided to put down some things I was reading and dive into I Am John Galt which Luskin co-authored with Andrew Greta.

The Introduction is a comprehensive and succinct view of Rand's philosophy. I make the daring prediction that it will generally please every ThreeSourcer. They do not cover a prodigious and productive career in 20 pages, but it is an awesome view from 20,000 feet

It is followed by nine chapters, each about a modern historical figure, paired with the fictional Rand character he represents. Steve Jobs as Howard Roark, Paul Krugman as Ellsworth Toohey...

When I write the real Review Corner I will suggest that Luskin is perhaps too close to Krugman and should have allowed his co-author to pen that one, but that will shave off a small fraction of a star at worst. I post this early so that you can all drop what you are doing and buy this book.

Review Corner Posted by John Kranz at May 28, 2011 5:15 PM

I just dropped what I was doing and bought this book. (Okay, I needed something to get over the super-saver free shipping bar, but I'm looking forward to reading it!)

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