May 15, 2011

The Natural Enemy of Liberty

Today I give evidence, albeit somewhat anecdotal, that the Looter of the Spirit component of human civilization is as old as civilization itself.

From the Robert Service poem Equality:

He is the warrior supreme, The Super-caveman, one might say; The pride of youth, the maiden's dream, And in the chase the first to slay. Where we are stunted he is tall: In short, a menace to us all.


Comrades, grave counsel we must take,
And as he struts with jest and jibe,
Let us act swiftly lest he make
Himself Dictator of our Tribe:
The Gods have built him on their plan:
Let us reduce him to a man.


And tribal justice has been done.
For men are equal, let us seek
To grade the Strong down to the weak.

Thus, according to Robert Service (1874-1958) even tribal societies had their Ivy Starnes or Diana Moon Glampers.

Hat Tip: My wise father, who read this to me when I explained the story of Harrison Bergeron during our viewing of the spectacular 'Free to Choose' episode, 'Created Equal.'

Don't Demand the Unearned Posted by JohnGalt at May 15, 2011 10:46 AM

Grisly. Makes one appreciate Rep. Pelosi...

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