May 11, 2011

On, Wisconsin!

550 CEO's recently surveyed by Chief Executive Magazine rated the several states as the best/worst for business. Wisconsin's ranking rose 17 places from 41 to 24. This was the largest gain of any state, and likely attributable to Gov. Scott Walker's pro-business, smaller government changes. Illinois, in contrast, has dropped 40 place in five years to 48 overall.

Of other note to Three Sourcers, Colorado dropped from 8 to 12, Pennsylvania fell from 32 to 39 and California remained steady at 50th. (Sorry, Brother Keith. The good news is that it can't get worse, at least ranking-wise.)

Texas remained #1.

Hat tip: Fox and Friends morning show

Government Posted by Boulder Refugee at May 11, 2011 9:48 AM

Illinois is described as being in a "death spiral," but is ahead of California. Which means California has pretty much augered in, huh?

Texas and my childhood home of North Carolina are running one-two, making my choices so difficult. I see Texas is contemplating a law to rectify the "sanctuary cities" problem. Whichever one of the two my bride and I choose when we flee the coming implosion, I promise I don't have a Californian's voting habit or entitlement mentality. Really, we'll fit right in.

Seven of the top eight were part of the Confederacy; the next two, or course, weren't even states during the War of Northern Aggression. Coincidence? I've been saying the South will rise again.

The bottom five (California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Michigan) - oh heck, let's throw in my birth home of Massachusetts, since they were just pushed out of last year's bottom five by the Illinois Death Spiral - what do these six states have in common? Hmmm, lemme think about this...

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