February 18, 2011

But I don't Wanna Read The Nation!

The Refugee serves up a link to The Nation's view of the Wisconsin union contretemps. Blog friend Sugarchuck frequently sends me links to The Nation as well.

Dang, the things I do for you guys. With all respect to my blog brother, I'll offer an alternative that is only half bad.

Governor Howard Dean is frequently charming during his Kudlow appearances. But fear not, he is not here. State Rep Robin Vos, however, comes across very well.

Education Posted by John Kranz at February 18, 2011 6:36 PM

Vos certainly had an answer for most of Dean's misleading or exagerrated assertions. But he didn't reply directly when Dean claimed a "right to organize" on the part of state employees. I'd have retorted with the taxpayers' right to organize in the form of democratic elections. They got together and decided they don't want to pay so much for state workers to retire.

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