April 12, 2010

Artist for Freedom

Art is great. Art is powerful. The ideas and emotions it can express in a single image are difficult to ignore. Unfortunately a majority of "artsy" types seem to be of the collectivist bent. Obama used art to perfection in his 2008 election campaign to propogate, as Jon Voight said, "the greatest lie." Since the election heard 'round the world I've been on the lookout for an artist on OUR side. Today, I found him: Bosch Fawstin - artist and author, creator of 'Pigman' the anti-Islamist super-hero and much, much more. For example: AMERICANS: GET UP & FIGHT

Here's another good one: "NOvember"

Bonus points for (at least) two Ayn Rand quotes on the main page.

2010 Art Obama Administration Posted by JohnGalt at April 12, 2010 3:02 PM
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