March 18, 2010

Not a Dealbreaker?

Blog friend Terri asks the question which perplexes me: "With Romneycare, I often wonder why he polls so high."

She links to a Mark Steyn Post that answers "He shouldn't"

According to what he's told at least a couple of NR audiences I've been among, he sought to solve a problem that doesn't exist ie, that the uninsured are using emergency rooms as their family doctor, and supposedly the rest of the populace has to pick up the tab for that in increased health-care costs. In fact, ER use by the uninsured is in rough proportion to their percentage of the population, and the rest of the populace has to pick up a far greater tab for the under-reimbursement of doctors by Medicare. In other words, Mitt misdiagnosed the disease, and his prescription was a bigger dose of it:

The result is all the problems familiar to patients in socialized systems longer wait times, fewer doctors, overstretched emergency rooms with the uniquely American wrinkle of dramatically increased costs. Mass. residents now pay 27 percent more than the U.S. average.

Many other things I like about the Gov, but if this isn't a dealbreaker as we watch ObamaCare®, then I really am going to have to join the Libertoids.

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