December 19, 2009

It's Time

Likely past time. But Senator Cornyn offers a site that allows you send an email to seven Senators -- including my illustrious Senator Bennet.

I sent the mails and made a small gift. If any ThreeSources felt they could join me:

Your message was sent to:

Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln Senator Michael F. Bennet Senator Evan Bayh Senator Byron L. Dorgan Senator Ben Nelson Senator Arlen Specter Senator Jim Webb

I have Multiple Sclerosis and my wife is recovering from a stroke.

Both of us need advances in treatment and therapy that will be severely impeded by this bill.

I would support interstate purchase of insurance, normalization of tax status between employers and individuals, and would consider a well structured plan to aid those who cannot acquire or afford insurance.

The current package does none of this. It will drive up government costs and taxes -- and make future health care worse.

Please vote NO! (I especially urge Senator Bennet because I live in Colorado).

Health Care Posted by John Kranz at December 19, 2009 12:04 PM
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