December 9, 2009

100 Lame Government Stimulus Projects

Senators Colburn and McCain have compiled an impressive document: Stimulus Checkup: a closer look at 100 projects funded by the coercive taxpayer theft act of 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It's worth a look.

Don Luskin has highlighted a few egregious examples, but I'm going to open the bidding with #14: Anti-Capitalist, Socially-Conscious Puppet Shows ($100,000)

Each spring, Minnesota is home to a nationally known Mayday parade put on by In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOTB), which includes artists that advocate for socially progressive causes such as the elimination of fossil fuels and ―free market fundamentalism.‖98 The theatre derives its name from a quote popularized by Che Guevara, who in a thinly-veiled reference to the United States said, ―I envy you. You North Americans are very lucky. You are fighting the most important fight of all you live in the heart of the beast.

Holy cow, who's representing that State in the Senate? Some comed -- oh, never mind.

Pull up a chair and open the PDF, you'll be really unhappy you did.

UPDATE: #51 is an oldie but a goodie: Study On Why Young Men Do Not Like Condoms ($221,355)

Indiana University professors received $221,355 in economic stimulus funds to study why young men do not like to wear condoms. The research will ―advance our understanding of...the role of cognitive and affective processes and condom application skills in explaining problems with condom use in young, heterosexual adult men, and to create --education strategies tailored to the needs of individuals who have trouble using condoms effectively.

111th Congress Posted by John Kranz at December 9, 2009 1:06 PM

Oy. Government at its best, unfortunately.

Posted by: johngalt at December 9, 2009 3:39 PM

How did they ever narrow it down to just a hundred? Sifting through thousands of candidates to pick that hundred would be a job I sure wouldn't want.

Unless it were being paid for with stimulus money.

(I kid, I kid...)

Posted by: Keith at December 9, 2009 5:38 PM | What do you think? [2]