December 1, 2009


Back by popular demand!

The Gov of my nightmares has been showing up in GOP 2012 polls and even did a health care stint with Gov. Howard Dean on FOX News Sunday last week (the solution is for all of us to eat better).

He also showed up as commuting the sentence of Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons. I don't know that I would rush to make a stink (you've heard me keeping quiet). But this has bubbled a bit as he's started to lash out at his detractors. Jim Geraghty has some disturbing background from his former campaign manager.

Joe Carter, probably the best part of Huckabee's presidential campaign, notes that the candidate really saw this issue differently from almost everyone else in the political world, for better or worse: "The governor seemed genuinely surprised that he was held responsible for the criminal acts committed by those whose sentences he had commuted as governor. It was as if he believed that simply having noble intentions and a willingness to make tough decisions would provide political cover."

That's a good Huck-a-Whack there, James. You caught his disturbing sanctimony, that his personal intrinsic purity supersedes judgment and beliefs.

2012 Posted by John Kranz at December 1, 2009 5:34 PM

Jason Lewis said this should just about put a fork in any presidential ambitions for Huck. Ned, I hope so. While I like the governor and have enjoyed most of what I've seen on his TV show his policy ideas are just W-R-O-N-G. In the contemporary vernacular, Republicans like Mike Huckabee are "dangerous" and "scary."

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