May 4, 2009

Why Sir? Why?

Well, the answer is "Teachers' Unions." But the question is very much worth a watch:

Education Posted by John Kranz at May 4, 2009 4:01 PM

Apparently Mercedes Campbell is somewhat of an aberration. According to this "National Coalition for Public Education" summary report, "Using a voucher has not improved the academic achievement of the targeted students."

For the real answer to your question: 1,700 voucher students, divided by 3,200,000 NEA members equals 0.053125 percent. Or, put another way, it is a ratio of 1882 to 1. Just ONE of those voucher students is offset by more than the total number of them with competing interests: Namely, maintaining and promoting the status quo in public education.

See how much fun math can be?

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