October 10, 2008

Dear Obama Voter:

Not long ago blog friend Heretic penned "A case for Obama." This was in response to a comment question from my better half, dagny. She's used her feminine wiles to get me to post the following "open letter to Obama supporters." (It helped her cause that I fully agree with every bit of it.)

An Open Letter to Obama Supporters (especially Heretic since he may be the only one we have around here)

First of all the question that started this was how anyone could support the socialist economic policies of Obama. Heretic professes to support Obama on foreign policy grounds and not economic ones. I contend that this makes him highly unusual for an Obama supporter as Obama has always been said to be winning based on his economics while McCain had the stronger foreign policy command. This theory is supported by the fact Obama has developed a lead since the most recent Wall Street woes. Therefore the question of why anyone would support the socialist economic agenda of Obama remains open and I am still interested in any answers anyone has.

I believe in individual rights and free markets and the philosophical ideas that provided the founding of this country. I have never found a politician that I actually agree with on a regular basis. Therefore I normally vote based on which politician will have LESS success in taking away my individual rights. Lately that has been universally the Republicans. I believe in choice and gay rights as heretic mentions but with a Democrat congress, I see little threat to those ideas.

On the other hand, if Barack Obama is elected president with a Democrat house and senate to support him (don’t kid yourself, the Democrats will maintain control of both houses), this country will look like something from a George Orwell novel in 4 years.

We will have much higher taxes and still higher spending thus no deficit reduction.
We will have government mandated and controlled health care, thus lower quality, and at taxpayer expense.
We will have government mandating energy sources at taxpayer expense and serious limitations on what cars we are allowed to drive.
We will have government mandated and controlled retirement savings at taxpayer expense.
We will have government mandated and controlled pre-school, as pathetic as our current educational mess, at taxpayer expense.

The American taxpayer is the sturdy horse that pulls the wagon but it can only take so much weight. Note that, “corporations,” do not pay taxes (nor do 40 percent of the citizenry.) The customers, employees, and owners of corporations pay taxes.

On a side note – I discovered, as I prepared to send my 3 year-old to pre-school, we currently have a mostly free market in pre-schools. I had a dozen schools to choose from, utilizing multiple educational philosophies at various prices. I could choose the one I decided was best for my kid. Think what an improvement such competition would provide to public schools.

Finally, Obama with support from Congress will do his best to take our guns. For those of you who don’t own guns, this may seem minor but the second amendment to the constitution provides us as individual Americans with the ability to defend all the rest of our rights most importantly from government.

My gun is an equalizer (you believe in equality?). It allows me as a petite woman to defend myself and my family from a man no matter how much bigger he is than I or from multiple assailants or whatever is necessary.

Heretic – if you have any interest, you and your family are invited to Atlantis farm for an introduction to gun safety and utility.

Please Obama supporters, reconsider your vote based on the serious harm to individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness that an Obama presidency would undoubtedly entail.



P.S. What evidence do you have that Governor Palin is either vindictive or naïve? She could maybe be called inexperienced but less so than Obama and he is at the TOP of his ticket.

2008 Race Posted by JohnGalt at October 10, 2008 1:06 AM

Dagny/JG, A very well crafted, thoughtful piece that gets Hosannah's from this side of the choir. Perhaps LatteSipper or JC or Clark could weigh in on Obamanomics from their perspective?

Posted by: Boulder Refugee at October 10, 2008 11:22 AM | What do you think? [1]