October 1, 2008

Gewn Ifill -- Unsuitable Moderator

My heart sank when I first heard that PBS's Gwen Ifill was to host the VP Debate. I don't know if many ThreeSourcers subject themselves to politics on PBS, but Ifill is the worst of the worst for liberal bias.

I have fought with "talk radio Republicans" over immigration and, now, the Paulson Plan. But I understand there is a groundswell to oust Ifill; Rush and Hugh can sign me up for this. FOX & Friends (yes, I was concerned enough about overseas markets to flip on the perky three this morning) highlighted that she has written a book subtitled "Politics and Race in the Age of Obama." The book is about successes by African-American politicians, which is fair enough.

But the book (to be released on Inauguration Day) calls Senator Obama "a transformative figure." Well, I am sure he is. But I am not sure that Ifill, with a demonstrable financial and emotional interest in his election is a good choice to moderate a debate.

I guess Kos was busy, though now that I make that joke, I'd suspect he would be better.

UPDATE: Enumerating my new found friends, I forgot Michelle.

UPDATE II: Un. Be. Leave. Able.

Hat-tip: Gateway Pundit

UPDATE III: New found friend Greta Van Susteren: "in law, this would create a mistrial."

UPDATE IV: James Taranto differs. In "Some conservatives see injustice in the pursuit of moderation," Taranto concedes most of the points but claims that the concern is overwrought , based mostly on the lack of importance for a debate moderator.

A little perspective is in order, however. The analogy between a debate moderator and a judge is overwrought. Unlike a judge, a moderator decides nothing beyond what questions to ask and how to keep the debate flowing. To put it another way, voters, unlike jurors, can make their decision on whatever basis they choose. They are not subject to instructions from the bench.

I yield to no one in my appreciation for Mr. Taranto but am not swayed. Even he concedes "If you're a stickler about journalistic conflicts of interest, you can make a good case that Ifill was not the ideal choice of moderator." Put me down as a stickler, James.

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