September 4, 2008

RNC2008: Around Town

With no need to get up early, and a late night re-watching the Rudy and Sarah speeches, I took my time getting downtown.

I came across this band playing music in Landmark Park in St. Paul.

STOWAWAY, a country-blues-rock cover band.

They covered Harper Valley PTA and a Heart song whose name fails me right now... but the lead singer had a fabulous voice.

I didn't see too many protestor types, but the police were ready. Everyone of them had a dozen or more plastic cuffs waiting for hippies.

With some time to kill, I went to Heimie's Haberdashery for a shave.

While waiting for my shave, I struck up a conversation with a man who was, like I, marveling at this place. It's like something out of the turn of the 20th Century. A classical gentlemen's shop, custom tailoring, hats, kerchiefs, shirts, cigars and a barber.

Anyway, he and wife were still fired up over Governor Sarah Palin's speech and were wondering how McCain could top it... the electricity still had not faded, and the party faithful are still excited. Rudy's speech came up as well..... and I heard again, where was that Rudy last spring?

That was my barber, "Mustache Jim." (really)


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