September 4, 2008

Smart Post on Palin

Commenter T. Greer (in whose debt I will forever remain for his calling out one of our youngest authors as old!) has been a fan of the Alaska Governor since before her VP pick and provides a cogent explanation of her appeal.

Those who claim McCain is engaging in an exercise of hypocrisy do not fully understand what McCain and his compatriots mean when they ask if Obama is "ready to lead." These critics are not critical of the amount of time Obama has been in politics; nor are they suggesting that Obama has not gained the knowledge needed to be President of the United States. Rather, it is Obama's sheer lack of achievement that makes the McCain supporter nervous.

I'm collecting anecdotes across the net of those in all corners of the big tent -- plus the hallway -- who have been inspired by Governor Palin and Greer includes two.

P.S. Looks like Terri's in: WOW!!!

UPDATE: Welcome to the blogroll: The Scholar' s Stage

RNC2008 Posted by John Kranz at September 4, 2008 5:07 PM

Thanks for the link- and a place on the blog roll! I guess that means I have to keep coming back to this joint, doesn't?

~T. Greer, Glad he could help with your quest to get reactions from across the net

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