September 3, 2008

RNC2008: Day 3 - Live Blog

Brief comments until the big Palin show.

Ruby Brown has a set of pipes on her.... "America the Beautiful" was phenominal.

Robert Duvall is a great American, reminding us again about country first.

Auntie Anne from Lancaster County is speaking.

Life is never about what you can accumulate. It's not about the pocketbook. True prosperity is a richness of heart and spirit.

In Psalm 49, it says, "Do not be overawed when people become rich, when the wealth of their house increases. For when they die, they will carry nothing away; their wealth will not go down after them."

I began to live when I learned to give.

Giving is my purpose.

Senator Norm Coleman's energy part got big applause:
We increase energy supply. The Democrats' energy plan tilts at windmills and ignores the technology and resources at our disposal that would enable us to increase domestic supply.

We need drilling and oil shale and nuclear and clean coal and more conservation and renewables now.

Our economy and our sovereignty depend on them all.

America needs to go all in and gain our independence from foreign oil.

Montgomery County's & Pa GOP deputy chair Renee Amoore lists the reasons why you are a McCain voter.
If you are sick and tired of all the DC yak-yak-yak... and realize that every day action is delayed, problems just get worse ... If you want action, McCain's your man.

If you want a President who will veto out-of-control Congressional spending bills quicker than a DC lobbyist jumps on free drinks, then I know you will go in that booth and knock the chad, all-the-way-out, for McCain.

If you want a President who knows that American prosperity is more than the pursuit of pleasure... that it can only be found by serving causes greater than self-interest...

If you want a President who has the ideas and the courage to tackle these challenges before us instead of just talking about them, then I know you are a John McCain voter.

I'm proud to be an African American woman. I'm proud to be a Republican, and I'm proud to be voting for John McCain.

Wow! Her closing got massive applause here....

The crowd is definitely excited in here... a little restless, waiting for the Palin speech.

Cristy Swanson, a Democrat for McCain got the crowd fired up.... and now the Texas Railroad Commissioner gets an ovation from his delegation... and is tossing out red meat.

For energy security, we need to explore more, conserve wisely and aggressively pursue alternatives.

We can responsibly drill for oil and natural gas here in America and protect God's creation.

These things are not mutually exclusive. America cannot say no to clean to nuclear power...and no to offshore exploration.

That may be good for Saudi Sheikhs, but it's bad for American families.

With rising electricity rates and soaring gasoline prices, Democrats say "turn down the air in your home," and, "increase the air in your tires."

That's not an energy policy ... that is an Obamanation!

I have to say that Meg Whitman is a little disappointing here... she should be pumping the crowd up... instead it's seems like a slow down.

She was on "a" list for potential vice president.... maybe even my list.... but jeez. Not great.

Let's hope for Fiorina.

Killing time here as we're a bit ahead of schedule.

Fiorina: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Fiorina has achieved..... mild applause... speech far too wonky.

I know John McCain. And if we make the right choice, in 2013, American families will keep more of their hard-earned money. Small and large businesses alike will be creating jobs here and spurring robust economic growth, because America will once again be a great place to build a business.

That didn't kill. Sadly she was another one on my VP short list.

Michael Steele! Finally... the crowd wakes up... chants of "MICHAEL STEELE, MICHAEL STEELE".

Let's empower those whose minds are shackled by a poor education with real choices in where they go to school.

So, do you want to put your country first? Then let's change our tax code to confiscate less of our hard earned paychecks so more and more families may actually know what it's like to save for the future.

So, do you want to put your country first? Then let's reduce our dependency on foreign sources of oil and promote oil and gas production at home.

In other words, drill baby drill! And drill now!

So, do you want to put your country first? Then let's make decisions about our security based on what keeps us safe and not on what's politically correct.
So, do you want to put your country first? Then let's win the war on terrorism.
So, do you want to put your country first?
Then let's elect John McCain and Sarah Palin the next president and vice-president of the United States!

Biggest applause of the night.

Thank you Michael Steele for waking the crowd up!!!

Mitt Romney is bashing liberals.... "change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington."

The energy is back in the crowd.

It is to pursue every source of energy security, from new efficiencies to renewables, from clean coal to non-CO2 producing nuclear, and the immediate drilling for more oil off of our shores! And I have one more recommendation for energy conservation -- let's keep Al Gore's private jet on the ground!

Did you hear any Democrats talk last week about the threat from radical, violent Jihad? Republicans believe that there is good and evil in the world. Ronald Reagan called-out the Evil Empire. George Bush labeled the terror-sponsor states the Axis of Evil.

And at Saddleback, after Barak Obama dodged and ducked every direct question, John McCain hit the nail on the head: radical violent Islam is evil, and he will defeat it!
Republicans prefer straight talk to politically correct talk!

Chants of USA USA USA!
Just like you, there has never been a day when I was not proud to be an American


Huge applause at the end... maybe one day for Governor Romney. It's a shame this wasn't your year.


A happy family from Colorado.

Two Huckabee speeches in one day? I can't take the folksyness. Though he did manage to get applause out of the crowd for the mainstream media.... for collossally cocking-up the Sarah Palin family coverage.

Barack Obama's excellent adventure to Europe took his campaign for change to hundreds of thousands of people who don't even vote or pay taxes here.

It's not what he took there that concerns me. It's what he brought back. Lots of ideas from Europe he'd like to see imported here.

Centralized governments may care for you from cradle to grave, but they also control you. Most Americans don't want MORE government -- they want a lot less.

Abraham Lincoln reminded us that a government that can do everything FOR us can also take everything FROM us.

Longest applause of the night:
I'm not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me.

The governor of Hawaii is nominating Palin and covering her biography... what happened to Rudy's speech? Sarah's grandchild gets applause.

How much does it suck to be former Governor Frank Murkowski? He's only know for being steamrolled by Sarah Palin?

I think being a mayor, whether in Hawaii or Alaska or anywhere else, is outstanding preparation for higher office.
I find it especially amusing that the other party says Governor Palin lacks experience when their own candidates for president and vice president...have NO executive experience... ZERO!

Chants of ZE-RO, ZE-RO, ZE-RO break out.

9PM. The most important hour of Governor Palin's political career is upon us. But first comes Rudy... and a Palin video.


Huge standing ovation for Rudy... the whole place was standing.

Bashing the liberal media is getting a lot of mileage tonight... I can't imagine why.

Community organizing draws howls of laughter and chants of ZE-RO, ZE-RO.

It was too tough!

Obama's balls must hurt from the punching.

Rudy is pumping this crowd up bigger than before.... it's going to go nuts for Sarah.

Holy crap.. it's endless beclowning.

"We are all Georgians...." ... and the Georgia delegation stood up!

update:sorry about that... the Rudy speech got me up and away from the desk.

and Governor Palin was unbelieveable.... three and half minutes of opening applause.... (a 343 mb AVI) .... and a phenominal speech... words can't say enough... this place is electrified.... everyone is buzzing.... and the Dems are weeping. She brought the place down.

I didn't think she could be Giuliani.

And that ending, with the family, and Senator McCain? Unbelieveable. I have to say when she picked up Trig, my eyes got damp. ( Don't worry, I'm not getting all Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Andrea Mitchell on you....)... holy crap.

Simply fantastic.


I'll have more when I get back to the hotel room... thanks for persevering.





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