September 2, 2008

RNC2008: Xcel Center Protesters

After the Fred breakfast I headed down to the Xcel Energy Center to look for protesters... as they were marching around there on Monday.

Not much action.

... blogging from the media center, btw.

Click "more" to see the pictures.

I think she's gesturing "hands of my lady parts"...

It was a windy morning, as a storm was looming. Yet I could smell this guy's BO 100 yards upwind. Pity the poor hippie who has to wear that papier mâché head next.

Brave souls.

In his hand must be the latest Chomsky missive.... so I suppose he can read. Fight the power! Damn the Man!

Sigh... Ron Paul bitter enders.

Straight up call for revolution. Little do they know that the Secret Service has checked the secret watermarks on the paper and already knows who printed it.

Irony is so awesome.

... we would rather abort them.

Not much going on there... just people wandering like mice through the barricades.... but I did hear something being announced... so I had to check it out.

Post from St Paul Capital Complex shortly.

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