February 5, 2008

Precinct 035 is in

Mitt Romney 6
John McCain 5
Mike Huckabee 3
Ron Paul 2

It was just like the Super Bowl. Romney had a surge in the last few votes. I was disappointed that my candidate lost but I had a blast. My Republican neighbors are awesome. We voted on some resolutions after and the discussions were top notch. I did not agree with all of them, but I have a ton of respect for all.

GOP2008 Primary Posted by John Kranz at February 5, 2008 10:44 PM

I'll just piggyback onto your post to add that Weld County precinct ...2304 went for Romney in a landslide:

Romney 15
McCain 2
Huckabee 2
Paul 2

We too were excited to see the process first hand and johngalt managed to get himself elected as an alternate delegate. Yes, the Republic is in good hands.

Posted by: johngalt at February 6, 2008 12:57 AM | What do you think? [1]