April 26, 2007


I promise to give Senator Thompson a fair hear hearing should he enter the race, but I remain pretty happy with Hizzoner:

The question is going to be, "How long does it take, and how many losses do we have along the way?" And I truly believe if we go back on defense for a period of time, we can ultimately have more losses and it's going to go on much longer. The power of our ideas is so great we'll eventually prevail. The real question is, "How do we get there?" Do we get there in a way in which it is as expeditious as possible and with as little loss of life as possible, or do we get there in some circuitous fashion.

I pulled that from a longer piece about Giuliani in Best of the Web. He is correct to assert that Democrats do not demonstrate an understanding of the enemy. And right about the consequences.

I was opining on a comment at another Colorado blog I frequent that we really need a Churchill at this time to energize a war weary nation. Much as I love President Bush, this is not his strong suit. I will be giving extra points for inspiring and clear rhetoric in the 2008 race. This has put Giuliani in the front for me, and kept Senator McCain alive.

2008 Race Posted by John Kranz at April 26, 2007 3:32 PM