May 26, 2006

Conservative Rock Songs

John J Miller at NRO lists 50.

    What makes a great conservative rock song? The lyrics must convey a conservative idea or sentiment, such as skepticism of government or support for traditional values. And, to be sure, it must be a great rock song. We’re biased in favor of songs that are already popular, but have tossed in a few little-known gems. In several cases, the musicians are outspoken liberals. Others are notorious libertines. For the purposes of this list, however, we don’t hold any of this against them. Finally, it would have been easy to include half a dozen songs by both the Kinks and Rush, but we’ve made an effort to cast a wide net. Who ever said diversity isn’t a conservative principle?

Going through the list, I had a number, so I immediately collated them into a Conservative list on my iPod.

Some songs and bands were totally obvious as conservative, or in the case of Rush, Ayn Randian.... and course there were songs that I've (in my younger days) air guitared and lip sync'd to without regard of the content.

I've been trying to think of popular songs or artists that I could add to that list, but nothing comes to mind that hasn't already been covered by the list.

It's a good list, go take a look.

Media and Blogging Philosophy Politics Posted by AlexC at May 26, 2006 6:43 PM

Heard about it this morning on talk radio. Definitely cool, but there's arguably room for more.

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