March 9, 2006

PA - 6th House District

This is a bit of a revelation.

    Of all the things to plagiarize, an ethics reform plan might be the most offensive and unethical - but that's exactly what Lois Murphy did – and she is now making the plagiarized plan central to her campaign to unseat Congressman Jim Gerlach (PA-6).

    Extensive research and documentation proves that Lois Murphy, in a premeditated fashion, plagiarized her ethics reform plan and stole it from another candidate in California's 50th District.

    In Lois Murphy's news releases as recently as yesterday and correspondence to Congressman Jim Gerlach, which she personally signed, Ms. Murphy repeatedly calls the stolen ideas "my ethics and lobbying reform plan" and claims that her plan "goes beyond anything proposed by either party," even though the plan was proposed two months earlier by another Democrat candidate in California. Murphy also doctored the acronym for the stolen "CLEAN House" plan to disguise who originally created the ideas, and then reshuffled main tenets of the pledge in an unthinkable and sad attempt to make the plans appear different.

There is also a 20 page PDF available that goes blow-by-blow with evidence.

That's pretty embarrassing. But it probably won't sink her candidacy. After all Joe Biden is still in the Senate.

Full Disclosure: PA-06 is my district, and I am volunteering for Congressman Gerlach.

PA-06 Posted by AlexC at March 9, 2006 6:01 PM