January 16, 2006

Shad-egg, Shad-egg!

I started that chant yesterday. All three contenders for Rep DeLay's Leader position were on FOXNews Sunday. FOX -- not the NYTimes -- put charts on the screen of filthy Abramoff-related lucre gained by Reps. Blunt and Boehner. Shadegg was not clean as a whistle, but he was magnitudes off the other contenders and it is unlikely that anybody has zero to hide (this was all legal, folks).

Today, Stephen Moore writes in the WSJ Ed Page (free link) that conservatives do have a candidate, and he concludes that the GOP will be in grave danger of losing its majority status if they fail to heed his message.

Still, it is Mr. Shadegg who is unquestionably the primary change agent in this field. He wants the party, in effect, to make a declaration of independence from pork spending and the government-for-sale corruption that has become its abiding image. "The American people are with us on our substantive policy agenda and our Reaganite values, but are becoming repulsed by our behavior," he told me. With a truthful message like that, don't expect him to corral any votes from the Old Bull Republicans or the College of Cardinals appropriators who have turned pork into haute cuisine of late.

I have no GOP rep (sniff) to write. But those of you who do: "Shad-egg, Shad-egg, Shad-egg!"

UPDATE: Should also point out that Shadegg has been endorsed by Larry Kudlow and National Review

Politics Posted by John Kranz at January 16, 2006 10:31 AM

I wrote my congressman:

Dear Congresswoman Musgrave,
I am writing to urge you to support and lobby for Arizona Rep. John Shadegg to replace Rep. DeLay as Majority Whip. Rep. Shadegg has clearly stated his disdain for the type of "bread and circuses" wasteful appropriations of our tax dollars to buy votes that was institutionalized by forty years of Democrat control and, shamefully, adopted in turn by many Republicans. This powerful corrupting influence must be opposed in our government at every opportunity, and this is one gigantic opportunity to do exactly that.
Best Regards,
Eric - www.threesources.com

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