October 3, 2005

Weekly Standard Editors Split

William Kristol is Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized by the Miers nomination:

I'm demoralized. What does this say about the next three years of the Bush administration--leaving aside for a moment the future of the Court? Surely this is a pick from weakness. Is the administration more broadly so weak? What are the prospects for a strong Bush second term? What are the prospects for holding solid GOP majorities in Congress in 2006 if conservatives are demoralized? And what elected officials will step forward to begin to lay the groundwork for conservative leadership after Bush?

His colleague, Fred Barnes, is -- by comparison -- dancing in the aisles!
So why did Bush choose Miers? For him, these nominations are quite personal. He wants to feel comfortable with his nominee, confident his pick will be a conservative now and conservative 20 years from now. Bush picked Roberts after being impressed while interviewing him. His doubts were erased (and there were initial doubts about Roberts). My guess is with Miers his doubts were washed away too.

Conservatives shouldn't throw up their hands in despair, at least yet. They should wait until they hear from Miers as a witness before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It's then that we'll begin to find out if Bush was correct in his view that she's the person to fulfill the dreams of so many conservatives and finally shove the Supreme Court to the right.

Call me circumspectly optimistic...

SCOTUS Posted by John Kranz at October 3, 2005 6:33 PM

I am throwing in with Kristol. As to why I don't trust Bush on this or the Roberts nomination see depressing GOP facts below. W has it right on defense and that is good enough... I guess. It's all we have for now.

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