September 13, 2005

Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

From CNN

    White and black Americans view Hurricane Katrina's aftermath in starkly different ways, with more blacks viewing race as a factor in problems with the federal response, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday.

    The poll found that six in 10 blacks interviewed said the federal government was slow in rescuing those stranded in New Orleans after Katrina because many of the people in the Louisiana city were black. But only about one in eight white respondents shared that view.

    The numbers were similar on whether the rescues were slower because the victims were poor, with 63 percent of blacks blaming poverty and 21 percent of whites doing so.

I'm going to guess there are more black people per capita in Africa and the Carribean than New Orleans. So how do you explain this?
    "If we can turn the president's bold long term vision into near term results we're excited," Bono said in a statement.

    "Any delay in increased funding means more lives lost and an even bigger cheque in the future."

    Bono was working with Nelson Mandela on an Aids benefit concert

    The singer says the US needs to spend $2.5bn (1.5bn) out of this year's budget to help tackle the Aids crisis.

    He said Europe must also match the US contribution.

    But he said the American donation was a big step in the right direction.

    "The president's emphasis upon anti-retroviral treatment represents a true paradigm shift and is to be wholly welcomed," he said.

I guess Secretaries Powell, Rice and Paige were unavailable for comment.

Given that the GOP is aggressively courting black voters, and the GOPers are politicians foremost, why would they do something that would be against their interests?

It smells like nearly three weeks of the "Bush & Feds f'd up" drumbeat from the MSM and Democrats is finally sinking in.

Second Bush Administration Posted by AlexC at September 13, 2005 3:00 PM

Taranto does some interesting analysis on these numbers today:

His thesis is that the holders of these radical views are outliers in a composite view of the country and electorate.

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