March 24, 2005

The Land of Orwell

I really fear for our good friends and brave allies in Britain. Did you see this in Lileks today?

A pubowner posted a sign in his parking yard, that said "porking yard." He was cited with an Asbo, which the headline writers assumed its readers would recognize as an "Anti-Social Behaviour Order." (George! Please pick up line one -- it's urgent!)

In case you haven't recognized the racism yet, the sign is "deeply offensive to Muslims."

“I regularly use the learning centre in Wade Street, which is near to the pub, with my fellow Somali friends.

“Muslims do not eat pork but the sign has a picture of a pig and the words ‘porking yard’.

“My friends and I were angered and upset by the sign and we have welcomed the court ruling ordering the sign to be changed. I definitely think it is provocative and insulting to Muslims.”

Beat manager Adrian Williams, of Avon and Somerset Police, welcomed the Asbo.

He said he had received complaints about the sign from school teachers, community leaders and members of the Somali community.

He said: “We are very pleased that the order has been made following complaints from the community.

“It shows that this kind of behaviour, which is provocative, will not be tolerated.”

Maybe they do need a monarch over there to slap this silly nonsense down...

On the web Posted by John Kranz at March 24, 2005 2:55 PM

I have a suggestion for our dear pub owner. Take down the "offensive" sign and replace it with an "unoffensive" one. For example:

"George W. Bush is a F-ing Twit! He is not welcome in my porking yard." Go ahead and leave the picture of a pig. You'll never hear another 'oink' from the authorities and their hASBrO.

Posted by: johngalt at March 25, 2005 3:12 PM

Excellent idea, JG. But how about this one: The pub owner says his intention was not to insult Muslims; it was to insult Jews. The authorities would shut up pretty quickly, I suspect.

Posted by: Attila at March 27, 2005 7:52 PM | What do you think? [2]