March 17, 2005

Freedom's Correspondent

In his Weekly Standard online column, Let Us Now Praise Claudia Rosett Hugh Hewitt says:

Bloggers and Internet columnists often find easy marks in the ranks of old media, so they ought to pause and hold up for admiration and emulation those who do the job that a free press was intended to do. Claudia Rosett is as "old media" as they get, and the single best advertisement for what journalism can be when practiced with skill and passion.
Whether or not the Pulitzer committee recognizes Rosett for her incredible contribution to freedom through her superb journalism over the past few years, those who follow the media know she is the standard setter.

It is odd that bloggers love to bite the ankles of the mainstream press, without which, there'd be no credible blogosphere.

Not that they don't deserve it, but cheers to Hewitt for reminding us of one that does it right for the right reasons.

The old Denver Post building had an inscription "O Justice, when expelled from other grounds, make this thy dwelling place." I grew up believing in the high ideals of journalism -- then ended up decrying its activists. But Ms. Rosett is freedom's correspondent. Thanks, Hugh, for the reminder.

Media and Blogging Posted by John Kranz at March 17, 2005 4:16 PM