March 9, 2005

The Sharansky of Saigon

Claudia Rosett, who deserves a freedom-rewarding prize as much as any journalist today, gives that sobriquet to democratic dissident Nguyen Dan Que of Vietnam. In her OpinionJournal piece today, she highlights his courage and ends with hope.

Dr. Que does not have access to the daily diet of news that feeds the free world. But given the feats of modern technology to spread information, he knows enough about what is now happening in the Middle East so that he wished to share his views on how America's intervention in Iraq is like the war in Vietnam, and how it isn't. The similarity, he says, "is the same fighting spirit for freedom." The difference, he adds, is that in the fight for freedom, the side America is on "will triumph this time."


"The world is changing," says Dr. Que. "There are more opportunities than ever."
He is right, and if the world is changing, it is because the U.S. is hardly alone in prizing freedom. In every country are people who care about liberty--and in most places there are a few willing to pay dearly and take extraordinary risks to lead the way. Dr. Que is one, and as we watch the Middle East, it bears remembering, as he says, that these are "universal values," that in many places there are people who given any chance at all will answer freedom's call.

The sub-head is so good that Instapundit wants bumper-stickers: "Vietnam -- The Next Iraq?"

Let Freedom Reign!

Freedom on the March Posted by John Kranz at March 9, 2005 10:51 AM