March 7, 2005

Super Fantastic!

The Manolo speaks of writing the book:

At the first, the Manolo he was resistant to the idea of the book. Who would pay the $18.99 in the American dollars to read the blatherings of the humble Manolo, especially if this it can be obtained for the free at the Manolo's blogs.

But then the literary agent of the Manolo he convinced the Manolo that the book it was the very good idea, that perhaps many people they would pay this money to hear the Manolo pontificate on the fashion and the celebrity, and that this world of ours, this crazy mixed up world of ours, it needs the Manolo now more than the ever.

I discovered Manolo's Shoe Blog on Virginia Postrel's site. And Chris Muir featured him on Feb 25th's DayByDay. Gotta read the Manolo!

UPDATE: Not that it matters, but I hereby take The Manolo No Poncho Pledge

On the web Posted by John Kranz at March 7, 2005 6:15 PM