January 25, 2005

The Inaugural Speech III

"Iranian's Cheer Massively Mr. Bush's Inaugural Address" reads the headline at SMCCDI. In other words, the audience for this speech was the Iranian democracy movement -- and they got it!

Reports from across Iran are stating about the massive welcoming of President George W. Bush's inaugural speech and his promise of helping to bring down the last outposts of tyranny.

Millions of Iranians have been reported as having stayed home, on Thursday night which is their usual W.end and outgoing night, in order to see or hear the Presidential speech and the comments made by the Los Angeles based Iranian satellite TV and radio networks, such as, NITV or KRSI.

The speech and its package of hope have been, since late yesterday night and this morning, the main topics of most Iranians' conversations during their familial and friendly gatherings, in the collective taxis and buses, as well as, among groups of young Iranians who gather outside the cities on the Fridays.

Many were seen showing the " V " sign or their raised fists. Talks were focused on steps that need to be taken in order to use the first time ever favorable International condition.

I have my last Orange shirt on today for the Ukrainian inauguration, but as a commenter on Pejmanesque says:
It is already being planned.

There is a massive hajj taken to Najaf by perhaps 1 million Shiite Iranians every year. Next year, or perhaps the year after, a million extra Shiites are going to come back with them and together the free Iraqis and enslaved Iranians will stage a massive sit-in. It will be a no-win situation for the mullahs: crush the dissidents, and the US will step in with broad international support and overthrow them; do nothing, and the dissidents will take over.

It will be the Orange Revolution all over again.

Iranians have the internet. They saw what happened in Ukraine when the people stood up for democracy. They heard Bush's speech. They want freedom.

Let Freedom Reign!

Second Bush Administration Posted by John Kranz at January 25, 2005 2:58 PM